«As Sam gets to the hallway to go back upstairs, he freezes. Her image is on the top of the stairs. His mother. In her white sleeping gown. Sam is scared. He doesn’t know what to do. His mother is just standing there. She raises one arm.»

Laura and The Shadow King

Volume 2

«His conclusion was the most obvious conclusion Ivan had ever heard: when the apocalypse came, and it was coming as certain as destiny, the ones who controlled hope would control the world. Hope… was everything.»

Laura e o Rei das Sombras

(Portuguese edition of Laura and The Shadow King)

«Maria girou a chave uma e outra vez. Mas o carro vibrava e sufocava, e Boris brandiu a pedra e bateu contra a janela lateral. O vidro partiu-se por cima dela.»

Laura and The Shadow King

Volume 1

«All hell was breaking loose, now. Nick was firing and retreating as enemy bullets hit the walls around them. He felt Sandra’s hand stop pulling his vest and he looked and saw Owens on the ground and Sandra pulling the corporal up. ‘He’s hit!’»

Fighting the Silent

The Dark Sea War Chronicles -Volume 1

«No sound is carried in space. But I heard the first explosion. Deep inside my mind, it went like the loudest bang, snapping my brain in. My mouth was open. My eyes hurt. The fire was burning holes in my irises.»

Mission in the Dark

The Dark Sea War Chronicles -Volume 2

«For decades, the Battle of Fumu was shrouded in secrecy and stuff of legend. Some said the operation had been carried out by a couple of destroyers, some said it had been a flotilla of frigates, even others suggested it had been the 2nd Fleet on its way to the Battle of the Equinox.»

Shark Killer

The Dark Sea War Chronicles -Volume 3

«The pipe was going to fill up quickly. The current would be impossibly strong. He had to climb out of there. He pulled with the other hand, and his torso was already out into the dry room when suddenly the water was pulling him with incredible force.»

The Hole

(Short Story)

«She had been following me since I got out of the underground train. I spotted her right away but then again, she wasn’t hiding. I slid through the dark streets of Cais do Sodré, and it didn’t take the spotlight from the zeppelin for everybody to notice her. I waited around the corner.»

O Buraco

(Short Story – Portuguese Edition of The Hole)

«Ela devia chamar-se Amélia, ou Constança. Porque é que viria a este antro deixar-me uma garrafa de água e falar-me do meu problema? Cheirava a podre por todos os lados.»

Maria and The Ocean

(Short Story)

«Not many people know this story. A story from before the waves. Before the winds. Before the sandstorms and tropical storms and all the other storms. Many would say it’s not true. But they said the same thing about carbon and look at us now


(Short Story)

«I stood there for a few moments. Confused. I had packed those books, hadn´t I? I looked at the time. Seven o’clock. There were supposed to be books in the boxes. Otherwise, I’d wasted a whole afternoon. Which was impossible. Because I had packed the books. For sure..

A Moldura Vazia

(Short Story – Portuguese Edition)

«Eu lembrava-me de cada segundo de Anne Lundt. Como se fosse ontem. Lembrava-me da sedução com o tornozelo, ligado ao joelho, ligado à coxa sorridente junto à saia justa.»

A Batalha da Escuridão

(Portuguese Edition of The Dark Sea War Chronicles)

«Ali estavam elas. Vários contra-torpedeiros, duas fragatas, a nave de reabastecimento, a de reparações WS Pleeto, uma nova nave-de-guerra de terceira classe de 74 baterias, a WS Benavide, e os familiares pesos-pesados: a WS Taurus, de segunda classe e 90 baterias, e a WS Viker, de terceira classe e 70 baterias. E, finalmente, no centro da formação, a enorme WS Magnar, a Nave-Almirante de primeira classe e 120 baterias. A minha velha nave. Cinzenta, vermelha e verde. Majestosa.»

A Saga de Alex 9

(Portuguese Edition )

«Com o alarme a tocar, Alex esperou dois segundos. Dois segundos para se lembrar de todo o plano e assegurar-se de que estava pronta. Ao fim de dois segundos, levantou-se rapidamente, apertou o fato negro, enfiou as luvas e apertou-as, colocou o capacete e fez saltar para o coldre a Sako 132 de 4mm.»