Campanha Vamos Falar – Depressão

“Depressão” is a documentary on Depression, written by Bruno Martins Soares for the “Vamos Falar” campaign. A thought provoking and conversation enticing piece, it means to nourish debate, to share personal experiences and to provide specialized information in an acessible way.

Developed by the Psicology and Community Development Association (APDC – Associação de Psicologia e Desenvolvimento Comunitário) the campaign “Vamos Falar” is a program of promotion and prevention in mental health, supported by the Health General Bureau (Direcção Geral de Saúde), within the larger World Health Organization (WHO) campaign. It aims to reduce the stigma,  and contribute to the scientific literacy around mental health, among the general public, focusing on the underlying conditions of mental health and on the equity of access to care.