Presenting LASK at the Amazing CUSTOM CIRCUS

Bruno was invited by the Theater Company Custom Circus to present the Portuguese version of LAURA AND THE SHADOW KING – LAURA E O REI DAS SOMBRAS following the great show ‘GOING CRAZY’ with a fantastic audience of several hundred people.

Custom Circus emerged for the first time in 1988 on the plot of the novel A Saga da Roda – The Wheel Saga, being later on created and brought to reality by the trio Daniela Sousa (Daniella Vol)Michel Alex (Michel Gigolo), and Rui Gago (Dr.Apokalipse) when their paths crossed during productions of Lisbon Capital of Culture 1994 due to their work on a La Fura Dels Baus tour and the launch of the album Songs of Distant Earth – Mike Oldfield.

In a progressive and restless way, the trio specialized around alternative multinational shows and multimedia performances for bold corporates. Back then they hired artists and booked companies for short-term or exclusive show formats which were presented with the client’s name or brand or even with a disposable company’s name. Although, after 10 years and hundreds of shows within the multinational corporative circuit, they finally decided to adopt in 2004 their code name Custom Circus, a designation derived from their nomad genesis and the way they parked their convoy of 30 theater vehicles in an arena shaped scenery with Dieselpunk and Steampunk aesthetics. With such a vintage theatrical structure requiring hard maintenance and being almost misfits due to their strange appearance and way of life, they created this saying to welcome rookies to the company and entourage: “If you believe in miracles you’re welcome here, where everyone thought it was easy!”

You can find them here:

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