Bruno Interviewed for Finding the Magic

Bruno was interviewed by Tricia Copeland for her podcast Finding the Magic. You can hear it here:

S2 E43 Interview with Author E. V. Everest Finding the Magic

E.V. Everest is a tween to teen fantasy author.  Ever since she discovered the summer reading program, she's been  unstoppable. After all, if books contain worlds, she's pretty much an  intergalactic traveler, right? When she's not  visiting other worlds or inventing her own, Evelina enjoys drinking too  much coffee, playing her trombone, and petting her four fur babies. Join E.V.'s newsletter and get a free novella! Learn more at — Send in a voice message:
  1. S2 E43 Interview with Author E. V. Everest
  2. S2 E42 with Sci-Fi Author Thomas Kast
  3. S2 E41 – With Fantasy Sci-Fi Author S. G. Blaise
  4. S2 E40 – Interview with Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Claudia Blood
  5. S2 E39 with MG, YA, and Adult Horror Author Kelly Martin

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